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Tucked away in Manjimup, within WA’s Southern Forests, Tall Timbers Brewing Co. was born out of a love for fresh beer and a spirit of adventure. Our inspiration springs from the beauty of our surroundings and the hard working community that calls this region home. We embarked on a mission to craft a beer that our locals can be proud of, a beer that will stand up to Manjimup’s reputation for excellence.

Our story intertwines with that of the historic Manjimup Hotel. In 1970, the Swan Brewery initiated plans to construct an adjoining brewery, envisioning it to be the primary provider of beer for WA’s booming South West. However, a change in ownership caused these plans to fall by the wayside. Fast-forward fifty years, and a group of mates rekindled this vision and saw the project to completion. The result? Tall Timbers Brewing Co. – the beer of the Southern Forests. Our iconic brewhouse now stands as a tourism and cultural hub of the region, just as originally intended.

What's Brewing​

At Tall Timbers Brewing Co, we’ve laid the foundation of our craft with a robust core range of Lager, Pale Ale, IPA, Session Lager, and Cider. Our goal? To involve our local community by introducing a selection of fresh, technically flawless and sessionable brews.

We’re thrilled to see local demand shifting from macro beers to our crafted range. We knew from the start that having a beer the community could embrace and champion was critical. It wouldn’t make sense to offer obscure, novelty beers and risk alienating the locals from day one.

What fuels our passion is our commitment to supporting local farmers. We’ve found a way to give “seconds” fruits and other products – those deemed not quite perfect by large supermarkets – a new lease on life. The result is our lineup of exciting seasonal beers, infused with local flavours such as strawberries, feijoas and citrus.

Why not take a look through our online store? It’s where you’ll discover our full range of unique beers and cider.

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Meet the Team

Ed Fallens


Meet the Passionate Team Behind Tall Timbers Brewing Co.

From the Brewmaster to the frontline staff, each member of our Tall Timbers Brewing Co. team brings a unique and diverse background, bound together by our shared passion for what we do and where we do it – right in the heart of Manjimup.

With deep ties to the region, our team is on a collective mission to highlight everything our beautiful part of the world has to offer! Under the watchful eyes and skilled hands of our Head Brewer, Nathan Jones, alongside brewing consultants Florian Von Guttenberg (Swan Brewery & Hopped Up Brewing) and Brian Fitzgerald (Artisan Brewing), we’ve embarked on an exciting journey, to craft truly iconic WA beers that make the Tall Timbers brand a household name.

Jessica Maddison

Operations Director

Dave Cronin

Brand Ambassador

Florian Von Guttenberg

Sensory Advisor/Brewing Consultant

Judy Fallens


Elly Growcott

Events & Marketing

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