Tall Order Tapas Party!

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Gather your friends & family for the Tall Order Tapas Party!  

“Life without tapas, is like a heart without love.”

Tapa /|tah-pah|\ – noun, usually ‘tapas’ – The singular version of tapas or small plates; A snack or appetizer typically served with wine or beer;

Is it party time yet?! Bring your friends on a bite-sized adventure, with the TALL Order Tapas Packages starting from $48 pp

Tapas done your way!  Our TALL Order Tapas Party is designed so that you choose your own menu from our delicious menu featuring local seasonal produce from the Southern Forrest’s & Blackwood Valley.

Create your own Tapas Menu from our seasonal selection, 6 items of your preference…

Add as many extras as you need…

Add “Welcome Cocktail” Tapas Extension       $16pp 

Add “Welcome Sangria” Tapas                           $16 pp

Add “Bottomless” Tapas Extension                    $32 pp  

Add “Bottomless Wine” Tapas Extension         $32 pp

Any drinks at 10% discount during the duration of their party for all your guests.

 Check out the full menu!

Tall Order Tapas Party | Menu Options

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