Salad Days – Hefeweizen

Limited Release | Get in quick!

Our Tall Timbers Salad Days Hefeweizen is here to delight your senses with an enigmatic blend! Imagine stepping into an old-world beer hall, where history meets modern charm.

Revel in the harmonious dance of banana’s creamy sweetness and clove’s intriguing allure. It’s a flavour journey through the ages in every sip. 5.4%


Funky Brewster Wild Sour

Limited Release

Get ready to tantalise your taste buds with ‘Funky Brewster’ Wild Sour, a zesty and vibrant brew straight from the heart of Manjimup. This little rebel is not your average beer – it’s a wild sensation that will take your palate on an exhilarating ride! Overflowing with bright, fresh notes and a playful touch of peach and citrus, each sip is an adventure. Approachable yet daring, one taste won’t be enough. Embrace the funk and dive into a world of flavour that’s as unique as you are. Unleash your taste for the extraordinary with ‘Funky Brewster’ Wild Sour – a brew that demands attention and delivers an unforgettable experience. 5.0%

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