(Manjimup & Pemberton)

Come and discover what the locals have known for years

Welcome to the Southern Forests Region of Western Australia. From its rolling hills and valleys, towering forests, untouched coastline, pristine rivers and amazing food and wines, there is truly something for everyone.



FACT:  The region produces over 95% of the Southern Hemispheres Black Truffle


Set in the heart of the beautiful South West and an easy 3 hour drive from Perth, the Southern Forests is made up of 4 towns, each bursting with experiences for you to enjoy. Aside from the amazing unspoiled landscapes, there is so much on offer, no matter what kind of holiday you seek. Although there is so much to do, it’s also a great place to sit back and relax, you can choose to do as much or as little as you like. So come see what the locals have known for years and make the Southern Forests Region your next holiday destination.


FACT: The region produces 80% of Australia’s Avocado’s (October-February)

Surrounded by lush pastures and some of the most productive soils in Australia, Manjimup is fast becoming known as the Food Bowl of WA. A diverse range of high quality produce surrounded by a pristine environment makes Manjimup a must do on anyone’s culinary bucket list.

Named for the Noongar word “Manjin” (a broad leafed edible reed) and “Up” (meeting place), Manjimup is the main commercial Centre for the region. It still maintains its country charm with its many Art Deco facades


FACT: The region produces 50% of WA’s Apples.

Manjimup is the Centre of a thriving fruit and vegetable industry, being the proud birthplace to the delicious Pink Lady Apple and a brand new variety Bravo. A little piece of Manjimup probably comes to your house every week, as much of the fruit and vegies you buy are grown in the area! Manjimup is the largest producers of Black Truffle (The most sought after food in the world demanding in excess of $2500 per kg) in the world and is on target to produce more then the whole rest of the world combined. A truffle hunt is a must do during the season, from mid-June to mid-August



FACT: The region produces 90% of WA’s Broccoli

The relatively cool climate provides a longer ripening period for the region’s vineyards. This is ideal for producing a variety of cool climate wines, especially Pinot Noir and chardonnay. You can sample and buy many of the region’s best wines right here at Tall Timbers. Enjoy a glass to compliment your meal, or take some home with you at cellar door prices.



FACT: The region produces 90% of WA’s Potatoes (January – March)

Each year, Manjimup is home to some of the largest events in Western Australia, the Truffle Kerfuffle, Cherry Harmony Festival, Manjimup 15,000 and Targa West rally.

There are many natural attractions within a short drive from Manjimup, making them ideal for either day trips or to explore at your leisure



FACT: The region produces 100% of Australia’s Tamarillos

Our region is fast becoming one of the most talked about food and wine destinations in the country.

It also produces nearly all of Western Australia’s Walnuts, Kiwi Fruit, Hazelnuts, Passionfruit as well as high Grade Beef, Lamb, Venison Marron and 50 other magnificent fruit, vegetables and of course the world’s best WINE GRAPES.



FACT: The region produces 90% of WA’s Cherries