Woodgate Reserve Liqueur Muscat NV (500ml)

$48.00 A BOTTLE

This is our homage to one of the great wine styles of the world.  Using a modified solera system, this wine is a blend of 2 to 5 year old components and our first release foundation style Muscat (Muscat a petit grains rouge).  The younger components bring fragrant fresh fruit aromas of floral musk and turkish delight, the older components bring honey and butterscotch notes.  The palate is rich and unctuous with concentrated raison and creamed honey flavours that linger on for a considerably long time.  MARK AITKEN – Winemaker Notes.



Woodgate Wines was established in 2006, it is family owned and operated. The fruit for our wines are sourced from a 5 hectare estate vineyard, a 2 hectare leased vineyard and selected parcels of fruit from local growers. The wine portfolio is constantly changing with the ongoing introduction of new and exciting styles and as such will always remain fresh, vibrant, new and individualistic.


Mmmm perfect to cap off your evening with dessert or for dessert! Why not try with some dark chocolate!


A rich, concentrated liqueur style fortified wine showing caramel, toffee and treacle like characters with hints of dark choclate. This wine is intense, powerfully flavoured and has a warm lingering finish to savour on a cold winters night.