Truffle Hill Liqueur 500ml

$45.00 A BOTTLE



At the heart of Manjimup’s famed Seven Day Road is the home of Western Australia’s first truffière, The Truffle & Wine Co. Established in 1997, surrounded by vineyards, orchards and majestic rolling hills our estate produces rare and delicious black winter truffles (Tuber melanosporum) and award-winning cool climate wines. Our winemaking is based at Truffle Hill, a unique vinyard where the vines grow beside the Hazel and Oak trees of the trufferie. Pungent French black truffles are produced from the roots of these trees, where in the winters, our dogs are our greatest hunters. Our wine labels are an ode to our truffle hunting dogs.


Mmmm perfect to cap off your evening with dessert or for dessert!


The colour of deep garnet with amber hues, this liqueur Shiraz has very intense aromas of caramel toffee and christmas pudding. Luscious, rich and sweet. The palate is intensely honeyed and viscous, bursting with raisin, caramel, dried fig and nutty characters. Hints of mocha and sweet spice add to the complexity and the warming brandy spirit is balanced with honey and candied orange peel With an aging potential of 20 years. 17.5% Alcohol.