Tall Timber Merlot

$25.00 A BOTTLE



Deep gravelly loam, well-drained soils and temperate climate provide optimum growing conditions and well balanced vines.A relative dry autumn allows for ideal ripening conditions consistent across most varieties.The cool nights retain crisp natural acidity, lower alcohols and medium-bodied elegant wines. The Tall Timber range of wines are designed to promote full varietal expression and upfront approachable styles ideal for immediate enjoyment.


Delicious with all things Italian, pizza, meatballs and pasta! Also great with most meats just add a hint of roseamry, thyme or oregano!


Liquorice spice, dark chocolate, raspberry conserve and earthy dusty aromas combine to offer perfect varietal intensity. Concentrated fruit sweetness with brooding fruit depth and power, the palate is coated by savoury spicy French oak and velvety smooth tannins. The Tall Timber range of wines offer exceptional value for money and drinkability.