Rambouillet Sauvignon Blanc

$22.00 A BOTTLE

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The vineyard is comprised of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz grape varieties, all grown from carefully selected clones. Our philosophy is that “good wine begins in the vineyard”. Therefore, our vineyard practices take up most of our time and effort. We believe in modern canopy management to ensure that our vines produce bunches of sun-ripened grapes of the highest quality. We use minimal herbicidal sprays, fertilisers and water. We cane-prune and hand-pick the grapes to ensure optimum quality.


Amazing with seafood like oysters, prawns and scallops! Anything with chicken, pasta or risotto. Delicious with salads and vinagerettes.


Ripe, tropical papaw and passion fuit aromas with a herbal core. A veritable fruit salad hits the palate that is ably supported by a fine acid backbone and crisp finish.