Pemberley Pinot Gris

$25.00 A BOTTLE



“Pemberley of Pemberton is situated in one of Australia’s premier cool climate grape growing regions, the Pemberton Wine Region, located 6kms from Pemberton, high on a ridge that supports some of the best grape growing land in Western Australia. The Pemberton region is often referred to as “”Karri Country”” after its magnificent Karri forests. Supporting these magnificent trees is karri loam a deep, red, fertile soil. The soil is too good and in order to prevent the vines from growing as huge as their famous neighbours, the karri trees, we have to stress the plants using techniques such as minimal or no irrigation and hard pruning. This results in grapes that are vibrant with flavours and alive with freshness when they are harvested for crushing from late February to late April each year.”


Mmmm perfect with all things spicy! Chicken, veal, fish and pork are all great. Amazing with cream based sauces…


A deliciously light, clean and crisp flavour, with vibrant tropical fruit aromas. Sweet and spicy and perfect for a summer’s day