Hidden River Estate Tawny (750ml)

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The vineyard is situated in Western Australia’s newer wine growing region in the South West corner of the state known for tall Karri forest and rich diversity of flora and fauna. Hidden River Estate’s vineyard was established in 1995 on the crest of a loamy gravel soil ridge. Its aspect and altitude with the relatively cool climate produce quality berries, rich in flavour and tannins reflecting the Pemberton Wine Region appellation. The small vineyard’s varieties include Chardonnay, Shiraz and Merlot and it consistently produces high quality fruit has it has done since its first vintage in 1999.


Mmmm perfect to cap off your evening with dessert or for dessert! Why not try with some dark chocolate!


This toffee coloured tawny Port has developed into a smooth wine with a delectable chocolate, raison and dried fruit characters and is perfect for around camp fires and contemplation after dinner.