Couples Wine Club Subscription $15 per week

$30.00 every 2 weeks

A Couple Membership allows two people to enjoy local benefits, for example 50% food discounts on Thursday & Saturday (some conditions apply).  Otherwise, listed beneifts are for the individual only holding the membership.

Who are members? They are the people that have not only promised but also committed to supporting the greatest grape growing region in the world as it blossoms into a wine producing region to match.

  • We will introduce you to some of the biggest names in the wine industry that have relocated to this region and discover the brands they have developed.
  • We support our local winemakers, so that they can make wines the way they should be made, without compromise and relieving the added burden of distribution and marketing costs.
  • In exchange we will give you great prices, introduce you to the behind the scenes activity of winemakers and supply you with well known brands delivered by some of Australia’s most respected wine makers. Experience the wines that they make for their own brands from their own plantings.
  • Become friends, Tall Timbers Manjimup has a physical shop presence in the heart of WA’s South West in Manjimup were you can taste upto 50 different local wines from South West WA that are constantly changing. We can also advise you on local cellar doors and arrange for you to meet the winemakers for those that love to discover the romance of supporting and following a winemaker.

How do I join up?

Members support our local winemakers by topping up their member accounts with $15 a week to be spent on wine. In return, you receive great prices, first notification on old vintage specials and the ability to curate your own mixed cases.

Why do I prepay $15 a week, as a couple?

By signing up it allows us to know how many committed members we have. This means we can work with our winemakers and allows us to anticipate demand, receive feedback, supply information to our customers and generally improve what we do and how we do it.

What happens to my money?

Each week you top-up your account with $15, yours to spend whenever you like. This isn’t a membership fee and you get to pick the wines you want to order. Your money continues to accumulate until you buy some wine or spend it on some of our great local gift and hamper packs featuring some of the best produce in the world.

Can I find these brands in Bottle Shops and Restaurants?

Yes you can, this is not a site that has hidden or unknown brands.
The wines on this site stand tall amongst any in the world and we ask you to look out for and support any local bottle shop, restaurant or licensed venue that support the wines on this site. Better still why not request that your favorite venue stocks your favourite wine. They can email us and we will help them source the wine for their wine list.

What do we get as a couple?

  • Local benefits. 50% off food at Tall Timbers Restaurant Thursday & Saturday* Conditions Apply.
  • Monthly exclusive discounts – up to 50% off recommended retail price on selected wine.
  • Monthly competitions and free artisan prizes
  • Wine education and experiences, created and hosted by Tall Timbers
  • VIP Invitations to winemaker tastings, events and loads more cool stuff
  • Great local discounts on-line from our Tall Timbers shop front in Manjimup
  • Access to great corporate and gift hampers at wholesale prices
  • The satisfaction of knowing that every dollar spent goes towards family run and owned businesses that will return your investment back into the industry we all love

Why support the Southern Forest wine region?

The Southern Forest Wines are made with the best grapes in the world. Anyone can claim this but they can’t follow it up with facts like these.
The very small wine regions of Manjimup and Pemberton supplies over 30 major corporate wineries outside of the growing region, many of them with huge national and international brands, they are brands that you know and drink and sit amongst the most decorated wineries in the world.

Look through our library of wines to find some of these icons or better still try them against the wines produced straight from the farms where the grapes are grown.

The region is also home to the giant Karri trees that are arguably the third tallest trees in the world and is regarded as the most diverse, green, clean and fertile agricultural location in the world. Check out some of these facts

  • The Manjimup and Pemberton wine regions produce more Perigord Black Truffle than anywhere else in the world, Truffle is the most sought after food in the world commanding more than $2,500 a kilo. Truffle only grows in a handful of locations worldwide and can only be cultivated in locations that have absolute purity of groundwater and rainfall mixed with extremely fertile soils and an atmosphere that is pollution free. The winds from the region come directly off the Antarctic making it the cleanest air in the world. The region is on track to produce more Black Truffle than the entire rest of the world combined within a few years.
  • The region produces 50% of WA’s Apples.
  • The region produces 80% of Australia’s Avocado’s (Oct-Feb)
  • The region produces 90% of WA’s Brocoli
  • The region produces 95% of the Worlds Marron supply
  • The region produces 90% of WA’s Potatoes (Jan to Mar)
  • The region produces 100% of Australia’s Tamarillos
  • The region produces 90% of WA’s Cherries
  • The region produces more Walnut’s than anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere

As well as this, there are over 50 other fruits, vegetables and nuts as well as top end livestock meat and dairy in staggering quantities. The region is by far Australia’s most diverse and significant agricultural region. As a couple membership we will give you access to  this produce and some of the great gourmet products that are made from them.

*($15.00 per week, deducted as a fortnightly payment of $30.00)