For the Lover of Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc Pack

$291.00 A BOTTLE

There’s nothing better than a cold glass of SSB on a warm day! This pack includes four of our finest. Perfect for a special event or to stash away just for yourself. Easy drinking wine perfect for any occasion!

The Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc pack contains some of our regions most delicious SB’s & SSB’s…

Pemberley  Sauvignon Blanc Semillon  x 3  (RRP $25 per bottle)

Picardy Sauvignon Blanc Semillon  x 3  (RRP $24 per bottle)

Chestnut Grove Estate Sauvignon Blanc x 3  (RRP $23 per bottle)

Woodgate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon x 3  (RRP $24 per bottle)

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