Chateau June-Jerome is nestled in the Southern Forests of Manjimup, it’s story spans over 25 years. Clinton and Melissa have taken over the vineyard and are in the process of rehabilitating their precious vines in order to bring them back to their former days of glory.

It is this new generation of winemakers that will shape the future of the industry, they have a wealth of experience to leverage off through other local wine makers not to mention some of the best and most established award winning vines in the state.


“We are passionate about allowing our vineyard to grow and flourish as nature intended, farming with minimal impact and biological practices allows nature to take its course, having maximum influence over our plants. We hope that you enjoy our story, our wine and most importantly your own memories and stories built whilst enjoying the produce by Chateau June-Jerome”. Currently producing Rose, Syrah and Chardonnay.

We suggest Chateau June-Jerome Rose


What began as a passion for wine in 1987 for Vic Kordic, has blossomed into an operation producing award winning wines. Following Vic’s passing brothers Mark and Paul Kordic now head the vineyard and produce cool climate wines with elegant and unique character. As a small boutique operation Chestnut Grove is Estate grown and bottled. Well known for its acclaimed Verdelho, Merlot and Pinot Noir, the wines demonstrate the depth of flavour that can be attained with great soil, weather and wine making techniques. The Peppermint Creek and Tall Timber wines are also made with the same care, quality and distinction.


Manjimup often has the coldest maximum temperature in Western Australia. The long relatively cool growing season, the fertile Jarrah and Karri loam soils create the terroir which is perfect for growing intensely flavoursome grapes. Chestnut Grove is a family owned and operated vineyard and was awarded Australian Merlot of the year in 2000 and runner up in 2001 amongst numerous other awards. For several years now it has supplied Buckingham Palace with wine. There are not many people that can claim to supply wine to the Queen!!

We suggest Chestnut Grove Reserve Merlot


Our vineyard is situated in Western Australia’s newer wine growing region in the South West corner of the state known for tall Karri forest and rich diversity of flora and fauna. Hidden River Estate’s vineyard was established in 1995 on the crest of a loamy gravel soil ridge. Its aspect and altitude with the relatively cool climate produce consitenly high quality fruit, rich in flavour and tannins reflecting the Pemberton Wine Region.


Hidden River is nestled in the undulating hills of Pemberton with views of the Karri forests and avocado farms which can be enjoyed from the restaurant and cellar door run by winery owners chef-Ardal and Sue. Taste the range of red, white and fortified wines at the cellar door before sitting down to a delicious lunch in the restaurant. The food is Divine and the quality of the wines and the art work on the bottles make these a great collection.

We suggest Hidden River Sauvignon Blanc


Hillbrook is a small family owned vineyard. In 1996 Brian, with Anne and their young family, decided on a big tree-change from Alice Springs to an old Group Settlement Block 15 km out of Northcliffe in the Pemberton Wine Region of south western Western Australia. For ten years our wines have been made by Robert Diletti. Robert was recently named the inaugural James Halliday Australian Winemaker of the Year. A well-deserved award as those of you who have tried our wines would agree.


The combination of  Marri loam, a cool southerly aspect, a brilliant winemaker and a willingness to learn has taken the wines from strength to strength. The Sauvignon Blanc strung together a succession of “Best of Show”, “ Best White Wine”, ”Best Sauvignon Blanc” and even a string of “Best Western Australian Sauvignon Blanc”.  The Merlot took a little longer to gain sufficient vine maturity to produce its best. It is fair to say that day came, scoring medals at three ‘Royal’ shows and the Qantas Awards.

Since then the medals have kept on coming. Hillbrook Wines has firmly established itself as one of the leading quality wine producers of the south-west!

We suggest Hilbrook Sav Blanc


The pinnacle of cool climate quality, Lost Lake Wines is situated in the picturesque Eastbrook Valley, in the heart of Pemberton’s agricultural land. Come and meet the owner and winemaker, who proudly produces, estate grown and made red and white wines, as well as Tickled Pink and Green with Envy Cider made on site from friends and neighbours locally grown.


In the industry for over 20 years Ashley Lewkowski has worked at some of Australia’s most renowned wineries and vineyards and has been recognised with many Australian and International Awards. In embarking on Lost Lake in early 2014 Ash is excited to be bringing all his experience together with some of the oldest vines and best soils in the Pemberton region. A strong believer in the cause and effect philosophy of wine making and vineyard management, Ash believes that this ‘purist’ approach to wine making, coupled with the very best processes & environmentally conscious management will make our wine and property a pinnacle of cool climate quality.

We suggest Lost Lake Pinot


There is no more celebrated wine maker then John Kosovich, he was awarded the Order of Australia medal in 1995 for his contribution to the wine industry and In 2004 he won the prestigious Jack Mann Medal that sit along side a mountain of other awards. At the tender age of 15 he became the youngest ever recorded wine maker in Australian history

John Kosovich Wines is over 95 years old and operated as Westfield Wines until 2003 when the decision was made to change the name to honour John Kosovich’s 50th vintage.


We aim to remain as an established boutique family owned and run winery which consistently produces a small quantity of exceptional, full flavoured elegant wines which reflect the unique qualities of the Swan Vallay and Pemberton regions of Western Australia. John Kosovich Wines has forged a reputation for outstanding white wines. In particular, our Chardonnay have been recognized amongst the best that the industry has to offer. Our current release of white wines continue this fine tradition. Our Reds are elegant, refined and easy drinking are the hallmark of our red wine. Our philosophy is that the fruit should do the talking, and you will find that our reds are not over oaked, tannic or high in alcohol. We want you to enjoy your 3rd and 4th glass as much as you do the first. John Kosovich wines have been producing over 50% of their grapes in Pemberton since 1990.

We suggest Pinot Noir.


Close to the pristine Donnelly River and set amongst “dapplebarked” Karri’s, Dapplebark winery is owned by one of Australia’s most successful businessmen. From a humble start with just one truck five decades ago to becoming Australia’s largest heavy haulage provider, Western Australian based Centurion is now considered the pinnacle for heavy haulage solutions across Australia.

Since Carl Cardaci and his brother Frank began operating in 1968, Centurion has grown exponentially. Today it has more than 1500 heavy vehicle assets traversing Australian roads, along with 14 distribution centers across the country.


“Wine starts in the vineyard, and Dapplebark is all about spending time with our much loved family and vines, our family owned property creates a solitary and pure haven for our vineyard in Glenoran, west of Manjimup.”

Dapplebark was bought as a well established vineyard and produces spectacular Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. We have a feeling this winery is going to be as big a success as Carl’s Transport business!!

We suggest Dapplebark Shiraz


Located in the heart of Pemberton’s southern forests, Thella Estate was identified early by Western Australian viticulture pioneers as one of the best patches of dirt in the state for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Our wine is taken from naturally low yield vines, and uses only the best five per cent of the 34 hectares under vine producing distinctly small batch, precious wine. Our produce, from below and above the ground, honours the virtues and history of the wonderfully biodiverse, Southern Forest region.


The estate has supplied some of Western Australia’s finest labels since the early 1990s; and from 2013, produced ‘small batch’ wine as Below & Above, under the direction of renowned WA contract winemaker, Bruce Dukes. The terroir, built by generations, is steeped in history unique to this isolated pocket of the south west. This is something about which Proprietors John and Evdokia Klepec are particularly passionate: the marriage of old and new worlds.

Mr Klepec has considerable public company experience holding the most senior positions in some of the largest companies in Australia. With all that research into business opportunities and agriculture it is an honour that he chose Pemberton to develop his own interests.  John and Evdokia Klepec are also going to be major players in the world of Truffle, so watch this space.

We suggest Below & Above Pinot Noir


Early pioneers of the wine industry in the South West of Western Australia, the Mountford family selected Pemberton with its high winter rainfall for the unique flavour potential possible from this cooler and largely forested region.
Trained horticulturist Andrew Mountford was looking for a region as yet undiscovered in Australia and chose the site of the vineyard based upon the combination of soil, climate, topography and of course most importantly the right feel. Eighty acres of undulating country gave all the variables needed for this dream and a fifteen acre vineyard was planted.


Mountford Wines was established in 1987. One of the first wineries in the region, it quickly gained a reputation for the high quality of its wines. In 1992 Mountford Wines won the first show award for the region, with its Sauvignon Blanc. With the continued success of the wines Sue & Andrew Mountford went on to build the first Winery with Cellar door and Gallery. This two storey construction sculptured from hand made adobe bricks sourced and made on site, has become an icon of the region and in 1995 received the coveted Sir David Brand Award for Tourism.

Having been involved in the organic industry in the United Kingdom, Andrew Mountford continued to employ organic principles in the winery. This involved gravity fed cellar operations and minimal filtering and pumping, maintaining the integrity of the fruit grown in the vineyard and caretaking this quality to the bottle, again capturing the essence of place. In 2001 Saxon Mountford fresh from studying Wine Science at Charles Sturt University in New South Wales, took over the wine making role. It didn’t take long for both Andrew and Saxon to turn these practices into an accredited reality and in 2003 Mountford Winery became the first National Association for Sustainable Agricture Accredited (NASAA) organic winery in the region with the vineyard soon following in 2006.

We suggest


Pemberley is owned and operated by David and Monica Radomiljac who planted their first grape vines in 1995. It is the largest vineyard in Western Australia and supplies grapes not only for its own Pemberley label but also for up to 30 of Western Australia’s most awarded wineries, it produces arguably the most sort after fruit in the country. Pemberley first planted Chardonnay and Shiraz grape vines in 1995, we grew larger and planted blocks of Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. Pemberley of Pemberton vineyards at present has over 70 hectares under full production including: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Pinot Gris, Tinto Cao Vermentino, Shiraz and Merlot. 


Pemberley of Pemberton is situated in one of Australia’s premier cool climate grape growing regions, the Pemberton Wine Region, located 6kms from Pemberton, high on a ridge that supports some of the best grape growing land in Western Australia. The Pemberton region is often referred to as “Karri Country” after its magnificent Karri forests. Supporting these magnificent trees is karri loam a deep, red, fertile soil. The soil is too good and in order to prevent the vines from growing as huge as their famous neighbours, the karri trees, we have to stress the plants using techniques such as minimal or no irrigation and hard pruning. This results in grapes that are vibrant with flavours and alive with freshness when they are harvested for crushing from late February to late April each year. David Radomiljac is the holder of the Wines of WA Viticulturalist of the Year Award!

We suggest Pemberley Chardonnay


In the ‘old days’ in France, it was accepted wisdom that it took three generations to build up a great wine estate. Bill Pannell with the help of his wife Sandra and son Dan have managed to do it twice in one generation. Moss Wood, founded in the late 1960’s and then sold by Bill in 1986 is well established as one of Australia’s, nay the world’s great wineries. Fast forward 36 years and he has done it again with Picardy, his Pemberton vineyard was chosen in a quest to produce Australia’s best Pinot Noir, Today Moss Wood and Picardy have become iconic names in Australian history, playing a major role in establishing Western Australia’s reputation as one of the great wine producing region of the world.


The vines have been close planted to promote competition and maximize root depth and trained low to enable them to use heat radiating from the gravelly soils in the evenings. This effectively extends the duration of the growing and ripening time per day. Within the sustainable vineyard practices, the Pannell Family believe in “growing soils”. To obtain a naturally healthy soil, cover crops such as clover and annual grasses are used and composted with the vine prunings, thereby building soil structure. This practice also opens up and aerates the soil. Picardy also practices a non-cultivation policy which is beneficial in preserving the soil structure, builds soil carbon and helps to improve and maintain a healthy worm and microbe population. Viticultural techniques such as Vertical Shoot Positioning trellis, shoot thinning, hedging, and leaf plucking are undertaken in the entire vineyard to keep maximum air flow through the vine canopy. The vines are crop thinned at veraison to obtain the preferred crop load. Prior to vintage, any damaged fruit is also eliminated, thus ensuring only the best fruit is harvested. All Picardy grapes are hand harvested to ensure the utmost quality. In this manner the sorting is done in the vineyard so that no extra handling is needed in the winery.

We suggest Picardy Pinot


The vineyard is set amongst magnificent and picturesque Karri and Jarrah forests for which Pemberton is famous. Silkwood was established in 1998. The prevailing temperate climate, gently undulating landscape and the rich gravelly loam soils that overlay the clay base, were all strong deciding features of the selection. In 2006 the Bowman family purchased Silkwood Wines and since then the philosophy has always been to produce quality wines first and foremost but why not also create and environment within which to enjoy them. It was then that the idea to build luxury accommodation on the premises came to fruition and the Silkwood Experience was born. Together with our breathtaking cellar door and restaurant, it is truly an experience to behold.


At Silkwood Wines we believe that good wine should be shared in good company. Our focus on quality at Silkwood is of the utmost importance, production control methods include crop thinning, selective pruning and reduced watering. Guinea Fowl are used as a biological means of controlling insect pests and reducing the use of chemicals. wine can only come from healthy vines grown on good soil in the right climate.

We suggest Silkwood Zinfadel Liqueur


Nestled among the towering Karri forests, visit the well-established 10 Chains Estate vineyard, named in recognition of the early pioneers who first settled the region. They were robust, fiercely independent and of good solid character – just as their wines are today. Discover something special off the beaten track at this idyllic cellar door featuring local stone, providing a warm relaxed environment where you can enjoy the range of estate wines.


Kate and Shaun Woods own and run 10 Chains, along with help from family and close friends. We feel privileged to live in a beautiful part of Australia with such great grape-growing and wine-producing credentials. We are passionate about what we produce and wish to share it with all lovers of great wine.

Our vineyard is situated in the Pemberton Wine Growing Region of Western Australia. The rich loam soils that are unique to the Karri forests of the region provide perfect growing conditions for the varieties that we have at 10 Chains. The first vines at 10 Chains were planted in 1996 (Chardonnay & Shiraz). Subsequent plantings of more Shiraz plus Semillon (1998); Chardonnay (2000); Viognier (2000) and Sauvignon Blanc (2005 & 2010) brought the total area under vine to be just over 20 acres, which it remains at today. That’s around 18,000 individual vines that need T.L.C!!

We suggest 10 Chains Rose


At the heart of Manjimup’s famed Seven Day Road is the home of Western Australia’s first truffière, The Truffle & Wine Co. Surrounded by vineyards, orchards and majestic rolling hills, our estate produces rare and delicious black winter truffles (Tuber melanosporum) and award-winning cool climate wines.


Our wines are the result of soil, climate, farm management, passion and our overall philosophy of excellence. Our award-winning wines have earned a 5 star rating from James Halliday and our world-class truffles are favoured by the most exclusive Michelin Star Chefs and are featured on menus throughout Australia, Germany, Spain, Denmark, the UK, the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

“Wine by itself is a wonderful thing, but add truffle and it becomes amazing.” Mark Aitken, Truffle Hill Winemaker A visit to the Southern Forests isn’t complete without a truffle and wine experience at this beautiful property in the heart of Australia’s premier truffle region. Learn and interact with The Truffle & Wine Co’s knowledgeable staff and savour in locally sourced food and Truffle Hill Wines. During truffle season – June to August – experience the magic of their truffle hunt tours (bookings essential).

We suggest Truffle Hill Shiraz


Woodgate Wines was established in 2006, it is family owned and operated. The fruit for our wines are sourced from a 5 hectare estate vineyard, a 2 hectare leased vineyard and selected parcels of fruit from local growers. The wine portfolio is constantly changing with the ongoing introduction of new and exciting styles and as such will always remain fresh, vibrant, new and individualistic. Woodgate wines recently one Australian medium bodied wine of the year with it’s Cabernet Franc and Australian light bodied wine of the year with it’s Shiraz in Sydney, it also has an iconic SBS. Winemaker Mark Aitken is  famous for his passion in the industry and his commitment to helping other wineries in the region, his knowledge and ability to share it in amazing!!


The Winemaker, Mark Aitken was among the first class of graduates of the Bachelor of Science degree in Viticulture and Oenology at Curtin University in 2001. As a mature age student he finished dux and received the Talijancich Radoux scholarship going on to complete a vintage in Chateaux Lynch Moussas in Paulliac, France (Bordeaux) in 2002.

Since that time he and his family has settled in the Manjimup area and spent the last ten years making wine in the Pemberton/Manjimup district firstly with Chestnut Grove (2002 -2005) and then since as a self employed contract winemaker and consultant.

Over the years he has been responsible for making wine for numerous local producers including Truffle Hill, Lost Lake, Olde Eastbrook, Flamebird, Middlesex 31 and many others.

We suggest Woodgate SBS


Bellarmine Wines is one of the Top 100 Wineries of Australia as rated by renowned wine writer and judge, James Halliday. Bellarmine produces all estate grown wines and our passion is for creating the best wines possible. Bellarmine is located in the pristine high quality cool climate region of Pemberton, South-Western Australia. 20 hectares of the magnificent 220 hectare Bellarmine property are planted with vines. Varieties include Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Merlot, and Petit Verdot. Since the first vintage in 2004, the wines have won numerous awards and are now exported all over the world.


The Bellarmine Vineyard was established in 2000, with just over 44,000 vines planted across 20 hectares. Some varieties planted were already familiar to the Pemberton region including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A pioneering crop of Riesling was also planted, along with Shiraz and Petit Verdot, a very old grape variety that originated in Bordeaux.

Since the first vintage in 2004, our wines have been consistently rated highly, receiving many awards and accolades. Bellarmine Wines has been rated a “red 5 star” winery (i.e. best of the best) by James Halliday and features in his “Top 100 Wineries 2015”.

We suggest Bellarmine Select Reisling


Designed in a simple French country style, and built using our very own family craftsmanship, our cellar door will charm and captivate visitors to the Pemberton Wine Region. Beautiful green pastures, a petite hand-worked vineyard and the surrounding majestic Karri forest provide a stunning back-drop for tasting and enjoying our exclusive cool-climate wines. We invite you to call in, have a chat, and try our selection of fine wines.


The vineyard is comprised of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz grape varieties, all grown from carefully selected clones.
Alan James and Leanne Elizabeth Rowe’s philosophy is that “good wine begins in the vineyard”. Therefore, our vineyard practices take up most of our time and effort. We believe in modern canopy management to ensure that our vines produce bunches of sun-ripened grapes of the highest quality. We use minimal herbicidal sprays, fertilisers and water. We cane-prune and hand-pick the grapes to ensure optimum quality.

We suggest Rambouillet Lightly Oaked Chardonnay


Peos Estate is a family ownwd and oprated Western Australian winery, Peos Estate lovingly handcrafts premium wine from the heart of Manjimup, in Western Australia’s stunning South West corner. The Peos Estate portfolio of wines is produced entirely from Estate -grown grapes, plucked from the vines planted on our 90 acre property.


Manjimup has been home to the Macedonian-born Peos family for more than 80 years. With viticulture in their historical veins, brothers Vic, John, Kon and Chris banded together in 1996 to create their dream vineyard as a legacy to their late father, Jim Peos, and late grandfather P.Y Peos. A passionate farmer, P.Y began cultivating grapes and producing wine whilst living in Macedonia almost a century ago. He passed his love of wine down to his son, Jim, who continued to farm grapes and make wine in Macedonia until he joined P.Y and the rest of his family in Australia in 1951.

Upon first arriving in Australia the Peos family settled in Manjimup, attracted by its rich soils and ideal crop-growing weather. Their undying devotion to living off the land has seen them farming everything from dairy cattle and beef to mixed horticulture, potatoes, cauliflowers and beans. The establishment of Peos Estate winery by the third generation Peos brothers has turned the family dynasty full circle back to where if belongs, growing grapes and producing wine to remember.

We suggest the Cabernet Sauvignon


The immaculate vineyard, with its striking scenery has become a feature of the magnificent Pemberton Wine Region.
Olde Eastbrook enjoys a unique position in Pemberton, bounded by the pristine Diamond State forest bursting with Karri, Marri, Jarrah, Blackbutt and Banksia trees. Bountiful spring water, ideal soils and a cool climate ensure exceptional fruit quality.
All wines are made using hand-picked fruit specially selected from the best vines.


The first area of the vineyard was planted following advice from Bill and Dan Pannell from Picardy. They ensured that the right varieties were matched to the most suitable sites with regards to soils, rootstocks and topography. All the establishing work was completed by the Omodei family including nursery propagation, ground preparation, trellising and irrigation installation.

Olde Eastbrook provides high quality fruit which is used for their own premium wine and sourced annually by Castelli Wines and Capel Vale Wines.

Olde Eastbrook enjoys a unique position in Pemberton, bounded by the pristine Diamond State Forest bursting with Karri, Marri, Jarrah, Blackbutt and Banksia trees. The immaculate vineyard, with its striking scenery, has become a feature of the magnificent Pemberton Wine Region. We have 11 hectares of vineyard and produce Merlot, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Justin Omodei has managed the property since 1998.

We suggest the Olde Eastbrook Sauvignon Blanc