Meet some of the famous people that have come to taste the World's best wines

Mark McGowan

We were honoured to host WA Premier Mark McGowan,
his wife Sarah and his three children.
Which wine did they choose after tasting the regions great wines? The Woodgate SBS for Sarah and the Pemberley Pinot for Mark, his son Samuel kindly announced that the Black Angus Hamburger was the best meal he had eaten on his travels since his dad had been voted in as Premier.

Rob Geddes

Rob was only the second person in Australian history to achieve the World Master of Wine status in 1992, there are still only 20!!
Rob is a regular visitor to Tall Timbers Manjimup and kindly lets us use his knowledge and face to promote the local wines and wineries free of charge. Not bad when you consider that he lives in Shanghai and charges upto $20 000 Au to do a promotional shot with a wine.
What does he love about our wines? He says the Sav Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot’s are magnificent.
Have a look in our mixed packs, we have put together a pack of wines that impressed our Tall Timbers ambassador.
Which wine does he drink? Well he taste so much but he does have a soft spot for the Lost Lake Pinot and the Kosovich Cab Malbec.

MLA Terry Redman

Terry is one of our favourite customers at Tall Timbers Manjimup, as the sitting member for the Warren-Blackwood electorate and a senior member in the WA State National Party, we get to see first hand how hard Terry works and how much of a difference he made to regional WA whilst he was leader of the National/Liberal party and deputy premier when they were in charge of the state.
He is still fighting every day for a fair go in regional WA while his party is in opposition.
Which wine does he choose? The Chateau June Jerome Chardonnay

Julie Bishop and Rick Wilson

Julie Bishop is an iconic Australian politician who has been Minister for Foreign Affairs since 2013 and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party since 2007. She is currently Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.
It was a real pleasure to meet Julie and she was such a beautiful intelligent person, she is extremely passionate about the agricultural region of South West WA and made comment of how well known and respected WA’s South West Wines are all around the World.
Rick is the Sitting Federal Liberal Leader for O’Connor and we appreciate him bringing Julie to this great region to see what our local wineries are upto.

Fast Ed

‘Fast Ed’ Halmagyi is one of Australia’s best-loved TV chefs and food authors, entertaining and informing Australians with achievable, time-conscious,
family-friendly cooking.
For nearly fifteen years Ed has appeared on and hosted a variety of television programs and on radio, and has been published in newspapers,
magazines and books.
Best-known as the cooking presenter on Network 7’s Logie-winning ‘Better Homes and Gardens’
What did Fast Ed Drink after tasting the Tall Timbers wines? The Batista Pinot Noir
He also said that he has been judging food and wine professionally for over 15 years and he thought Chef Mick’s Scotch Fillet steak was on par with any that he has been asked to judge.
Fast Ed is a seriously nice guy and we thank you for one of the best nights we have ever had at Tall Timbers Manjimup, he has also been a great ambassador for the region for many years.

Tom Moody, Bruce Reid and Jo Angel

For anybody that loved watching Cricket in the late 80’s and early 90’ would know how special this photo is .
These three players were 3 of the 4 tallest players to ever play international cricket, with the only other player hitting the giddy heights being “BIG BIRD” Joel Garner.
They were super keen to have there photo taken under the Tall Timbers sign.
The shortest of the crew being just over 6’10, they also bought the players below with them

Travis Birt
Murray Goodwin
Tom Hogan
Brad Hogg
Simon Katich
Greg Matthews
Nicky Shaw
Jenny Wallace
Darren Wates

With 3864 domestic games and 734 international games between them this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a great international cricket reunion.They came late and undercover with a late dinner organised by the Australian Cricket Association.
What did they drink? They headed straight for the Picardy Shiraz and Pinot (Someone amongst the crew was an existing Picardy fan)
Maybe I should also mention we somehow went through all the Black Sambuca in the house.

Jack Stein

When you are the son of a Scotsman and grow up only being allowed to watch one of two shows (Rumpole of the Bailey and Rick Stein’s Food Odyssey) you get pretty excited when you look up to see Rick Stein’s son trying the wines and eating dinner.
Jack Stein, middle son of the most celebrated chef in the world, Rick, started out as a kitchen porter, aged 12. Now he is ready to take over his father’s empire
Like father, like son. Jack Stein, second of Rick Stein’s three male offspring, might look more like his mother, Rick’s first wife Jill, with her auburn hair and fine features; but he is first in line to inherit the Stein empire. The 33-year-old has recently been made executive chef of Stein Restaurants — all five of them — as well as overseeing the Padstow Seafood School and his media empire worth an estimated $50million.
Believe it or not Rick is a regular visitors to the region and and this was his first trip to South West WA on advice from his dad who has returned annually for many years, he is in love with the local Marron, Truffle and Wine.

Marianne Vos,

At just 30 years of age Marianne Voss has been touted as not just the greatest female cyclist of all time but potentially the greatest female athlete across any sporting genre. She is a Dutch cyclo-cross, road bicycle racer, mountain bike racer and track racer
After winning a junior European and world championship in road racing, she continued her success in senior cycling by becoming world champion in cyclo-cross and road racing at the age of 19. Vos added track racing world championships when she won the points race in 2008 and the scratch race in 2011. At the 2008 Summer Olympics, she won the gold medal in the points race; at the 2012 Summer Olympics, gold in the women’s road race. She is a 3 times World Road Race Champion – in 2006, 2012 and 2013 – and 7 times World Cyclocross Champion – in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
We asked her what she thought it was that made her such a great athlete, her response
“ I train hard, but I see plenty who train harder, I eat well but I see plenty of people that eat better, I work hard at my mental ability to race but I see plenty who have greater mental fitness then I do. I have natural ability but I see plenty that have much greater natural ability then myself. When I analise all of this I have no answer for your question, the only thing I do know is that the reason I succeed in what I do is because I was given a combination of these things as a gift and it is my responsibility to make the most of my luck”

What did the greatest female athlete of all time have for lunch?
Water and an Avocado and Mushroom Salad. Sorry to all those who were hoping it was the Steak Sandwich!!

Vince Garreffa

Vince Garreffa is the celebrity of the food and wine industry in the eyes of the other celebrities.
Care of his 50-year (and counting) career as a butcher, our man is what you might call “well connected”. Among the people he considers buddies: Italian food figure Antonio Carluccio (he wrote his book’s foreword), celebrated restaurateur Neil Perry (he helped opened Mondo’s Beaufort Street store in 2006) and – more recently – American chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson. Spend any significant amount of time with Garreffa and it’s hard not to be won over by his warmth, positivity and generous nature.
last year Garreffa raised more than $500,000 for life-line the suicide-prevention charity. Despite his impressive black book there was an even greater amount of sentiment, with the man-of-the-moment reserving his kindest words for his wife of 43 years, Anne and his children.

What did he eat? ‘The Steak Sandwich” which he loved
What did he drink? There was no confusion here, he came for the Chestnut Grove Reserve Merlot and he took it all home with him (The entire stock) Luckily for you we have more in now.

Mike Nahan

Mike Nahan is the 33rd Leader of the Opposition for the Liberal Party in the Parliament of Western Australia. He is serving his third term in the Legislative Assembly where he represents the electoral district of Riverton.
Immigrating to Australia in 1978 from the United States of America, Mike arrived in Western Australia in 1982. After working in different roles for a number of organisations, including the World Bank and the Institute of Public Affairs, Mike entered State Parliament in 2008.
Mike holds a PhD in Economics from the Australian Nation University and in 2000 was awarded a Centenary Medal by the Australian Government for his contribution to public policy in Australia.

Mike is a keen supporter of the local Food and Wine region and believes that WA will rely heavily on the region’s ability to increase agricultural production giving the state the ability to diversify its economy on top of its vast mining interests.

What did Mike Drink? He didn’t drink but ordered the Dapple Bark Shiraz and the Hidden River Sav Blanc for the table.

The Australian Chamber Orchestra

How cool was it to have the “Australian Chamber Orchestra” drop in to Tall Timbers Manjimup. Even better was the fact that they came back after tasting some of the regions great wines last year as part of their national tour.

Erl Happs

I was really excited to meet Erl Happs at Tall Timbers Manjimup.
Back in the early 1970’s two young teachers Erl and Ros Happ were inspired to plant a wide range of grape varieties in the Margaret River region.This pioneering spirit has paid off; today Happs Winery produce more than 30 grape varieties and a comprehensive portfolio of wines sold nationally and exported around the world, it is considered a standout winery in the margaret river region.
What was he doing in Manjimup? He was holding his cards very close to his chest but he was not here for pleasure. He had his business development manager with him and was the first one to admit that this region is the agricultural hotspot of Australia. I suspect we have a serious lover of Truffle here.
Regardless of his plans it has got to be good news that people of this caliber are seeking out opportunities in the region.

John Kosovich

What is going on at Tall Timbers!!
The Premier Mark McGowan for dinner one day and then this!!
When I found out that one of the oldest wineries in WA from the Swan Valley actually owned a farm in Pemberton that produced the fruit for half of their wines, I thought it would help the region promote the quality of its fruit if I got some in.

I didn’t expect the biggest wine legend of all time to hand deliver it himself to say thank you.

John Kosovich said he is very proud of and loves this region, he has been growing the grapes here for nearly 30 years and believes it is the best farming land in the world. He is over the moon about being included in the wine story of this region and having an outlet where people can buy the locally grown wine to enjoy in-house or takeaway.

John Kosovich was awarded the Order of Australia medal in 1995 for his contribution to the wine industry.

Glen Jakovich

Glen Jakovich is one of the all-time greats of AFL and was West Coast Eagles club champion four times.
Glen played 276 games for the Eagles and was a key player in the clubs first and second premiership wins in 1992 and 1994.
His grim-faced determination is etched in the memories of all Eagles supporters and his duels with Wayne Carey were anticipated events on the football calendar. J
ako was selected as an All Australian in 1994 and 1995 and now acts as an All Australian selector along with his work as a Presenter for Fox Sports and as a Football Analyst for 96fm and 6PR.
Glen loved the enomatic wine machines and is an avid supporter of supporting local wineries.

Frederic Colin Chef

Frederic is one of the world’s most renowned Chefs with restaurants in France, Singapore and now Sydney. He was at Tall Timbers Manjimup in June on a journey to find the world’s best Truffle.

Did he find it? He sure did, he is looking at replacing the Northern Hemisphere Truffle Season in his Restaurants to only doing the Southern Hemispheres Season exclusively with Manjimup truffle.

“My grandfather was a chef, so when he started cooking it was pretty much classical French cuisine in Paris,” says Colin.

What did he Drink?
The Truffle Hill
What did he eat? He loved the special truffle Gnocchi dish and he had a sticky date pudding with 25gms ($50) worth of Truffle on it. This guy loved Truffle!!!

Dane Swan

Dane Swan is recognised as one of the greatest midfielders in the modern era. Since his breakout season in 2007, Swan has become a premiership player, a Brownlow Medallist, a three-time Copeland Trophy recipient, and a five-time All-Australian, and in 2010, won the Leigh Matthews Trophy as the league’s most valuable player. Known as a prolific ball-winner, Swan averaged almost 27 disposals per game over his career. Swan was runner-up in the 2017 I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, on Network Ten.

Dane was great fun and loved the local wines, just not quite as much as the Locally brewed Blackwood Pale Ale and the Award winning Steak Sandwich.
Rayne Embley

We were delighted to have Western Australia’s best known social media blogger rayne Embly come and visit us at Tall Timbers Manjimup.

Rayne has one of the biggest social media presences in Australia and her personal endorsement can result in an amazing advertising benefit for a buainesss.

What did she Drink? She headed straight for the Picardy Chardonnay and did not look back. Again she already had a loving for Picardy Wines.